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Farmer Joe's pigs have decided to take a trip to outer space in Bus Driver Tom's bus! What naughty pigs! How will Farmer Joe and Bus Driver Tom find them? And how will they bring them back home again?


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"a fun ride for both young and old"



The story behind the story

My husband, Jon, has a very whimsical  sense of humour, and is always thinking of such quirky things to say to make people laugh!

He has made up many ridiculous songs, and lots of outrageous stories before, but this one was different.

We were in his car, and I was telling him about my day, and he just started to spin a wild story for me, taking pieces of what I was telling him and mixing it with whatever silly things he could think of - particularly pigs!

As I was listening to him, it struck me that this story would be perfect as a children's book.

So when we got home, I wrote the story down as fast as I could - so I wouldn't forget a thing - and I asked him to give it an ending. He went even farther and started describing what each of the characters should look like, too!

Some months went by, and he forgot about the pigs story. But I didn't.

I was secretly illustrating it as a surprise birthday gift for him! He loved it, and showed it to our friends, who loved it so much that we decided to publish it, so it could be enjoyed by even more people!

Since publishing Pigs On A Bus, so many people have told us that their children love the story and ask for it to be read to them over and over! And they don't mind, because they love it, too.

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