Nonsensical Poetry

When I was younger, one of my cousins and I would write to each other often; at one point during our correspondence, I would include, at the end of each message, a small silly poem that I had written to amuse her. These poems were all written on the spot and usually made no sense at all!

Today, I'm sharing a few of my favourites with you! I hope they will make you giggle, and inspire you and your children to write something fun and creative, too!

2017-08-28 Nonsensical Poetry (1).jpg


I saw a moose

On a branch of a spruce

Eating a sprig of broccoli through a straw.

He looked at me..

And he sniffed thoughtfully..

And declared I was the strangest thing he ever saw.



I thought that the other day I'd seen a Snee

The ugliest thing, but perhaps that's just me

'Twas covered in fur and as tall as a tree

Burped when it saw me, then gobbled a bee.



As I sat one day

Looking at the sky

I saw a large fat muffin

Slowly drifting by

Staring at that muffin

I screamed up in the air

"Boy, I'm feeling hungry!"

It landed in my hair.

It was very sticky.

I finally got it free.

I ate that big fat muffin.

Then turned into a tree.



There once was a dragon

Who lived on a beach

And one day he sat down

On top of a peach.

He squished it so flat

That it quite disappeared!

Then he sneezed up an acorn

And grew a thick beard.

His ears started twitching;

It drove him insane!

So he never did squish

A peach ever again.



Once upon a clock

There dwelled a tiny bear.

A panda bear, in fact,

With very purple hair.


The clock belonged to Joe

(A zoo-keeper of sorts,

collector of antiques,

And watcher of some sports.)


The clock was neatly kept

Quite sideways on a shelf;

It could not be hung on the wall

Or the bear would fall right off!


Until one day when Joe,

With boxes in his arms,

Declared to the small bear

"Do not be alarmed!


I happened to have bought

A trinket that is queer:

It is a tiny antique set

Of mountain-climbing gear!"


The bear put on the gear.

(Its colour is key lime.)

And now the clock is on the wall,

So Joe can see the time.



It's so easy to write your own nonsensical poems! Simply think of a word to start with, such as an object - you can look around the room or place you're in and use the first thing that catches your eye. Next, what's the first word you can think of to rhyme with your original word? Now simply come up with a silly little story to connect the words - and it's more fun if it doesn't make any sense! This is a great activity to keep kids busy on road trips, or when they're stuck inside on rainy days.

Want to add to the fun? Post your own poems in the comments below! I can't wait to read them!