Cuteness Overload!

Friends - I love Instagram. I've never really liked social media before - and I still don't really like most social media channels - but Instagram is different. The aesthetic is so clean, it's full of pretty pictures, and everyone on there is just so very nice!

So today I'm sharing 10 (it was tricky to narrow it down to just 10!) of my top favourite Instagram accounts that will give you a good daily dose of "oh my goodness, that's SO cute!" :D

2017-10-27 Fave IG Accounts for Cuteness Overload (0).jpg

I mean, look at those faces!!! And not only are these three girls adorable, but they have such sweet, loving natures as well! If you're not already following @hopefeathers, you're missing out!!

Not only is Marion a very talented clay miniatures artist, but she's also a very dear friend of mine! Marion is so kind, and her miniature food jewelry is a great combination of realistic and whimsical! Her motto is to "spread happiness with zero calories" - don't you love that??! Be sure to follow @smittencreationsbymarion!

@whatacurlylife's little animals are already super cute, but on top of that, her posts are amazingly creative! They always make me smile, and I'm sure they will brighten your day, too!

This little family is truly darling! There is no better word to describe them. If you love cute faces and lovely vintage home decor, then you're sure to fall in love with @thedarlings_!

@ninastajner is one of my favourite artists. I just can't get over how cute her hand-painted animals are!! If I was rich, I would buy up her whole shop, ha ha! :)

@sbrathen's photos are so sweet and bright and lovely - and full of snuggles (with each other and with their kitty, too)! If you love magical moments, you'll love this account.


You won’t be able to stop scrolling through this gorgeous feed! Every image is truly, sweetly inspiring. @catchtheinspiration is one of my top favourite accounts to follow, and I’m sure it will become one of yours, too!

Stacie makes fabulous children's clothing - and her Instagram feed is full of the clothing being modelled by little cuties! Follow @aliceandames for unique finds, bright colours, and happy moments.

Annie's sweet little painted signs are beautifully decorated and adorned with encouraging words! Follow @laneybelldesigns if you like a dose of pretty along with cuteness!

A sweet, happy toddler and her loveable grumpy-looking cat - can you even handle it??! If you want some serious cuteness overload with an extra helping of laughter, be sure to follow @lennonandoliver!

Oh look, it's me! I've added an 11th to the list, because I just had to share that I have a cute (at least, that's the goal!) Instagram account, too! You can follow me if you like at @alistrationsbyalison. :)


As I mentioned above, it was tricky to narrow down my list to just 10 accounts! So, here are just a few more that are totally worth checking out, too:







What are your favourite Instagram accounts? Let me know in the comments!