5 creative road trip games!

Hey friends!

It’s summer time! And summer means vacation time – which often means road trip time – which often results in children asking, “Are we there yet?!” ha ha. With that in mind, today I’m sharing with you five of my most favourite road trip games!!



The License Plate Game

In this game, you are on the lookout to spot “doubles” or “triples” (or more!) of letters or numbers in a row on license plates (e.g. for license plate “445 WOW,” “44” is a double, but “WOW” is not, because there is an “O” between the “W’s”). The first player to call one out (“double 4’s!!”) gets to claim it! Triples are worth more than doubles, and quadruples are worth even more - etc. Whoever finds the most (of the highest worth) wins!

For even more fun with license plates, choose a plate with letters on it, and take turns coming up with funny phrases of what the letters could stand for! (E.g. for license plate "455 WOW," W.O.W. could stand for "Whistling Orange Weasels!")


The Alphabet Game

No license plates are allowed in this game! Each player must search any other place where letters can be found (road signs, storefronts, bumper stickers, etc.); players call out each letter of the alphabet, in alphabetical order, as they are found! The first player to complete the entire alphabet wins! If you’re feeling creative, spell out words or sentences instead of just the alphabet!




This game requires imagination and skill! A “Wünderdollar” is a magical dollar that can buy absolutely anything in the universe! Select a player who will think of one thing they would like to buy if they had a Wünderdollar – but keep it a secret! the Other players may then ask the first player any questions about their object to try and figure out what it is (e.g. what colour is it? Is it round?). The catch – when answering the questions, the first player may not say “yes” or “no” (nor any form of those words, like “nope” etc.) They must think of another way to answer (e.g. “The item is not round”). If the first player can last until the object is discovered without saying the forbidden words, that player wins! Otherwise, the other players all win!


Puppetless Puppet Shows

Who says you need to have puppets to put on a good show? Similar to making shadow puppets, you can make any kind of animal or alien shapes with your hands, and even objects like tables and chairs! Be creative! Come up with an original script for a play or skit – work together or take turns entertaining each other.


Car Bingo with a Twist

Before leaving on your trip, each player fills out a blank “bingo” card (simply a grid with 9 spaces) with objects you think you might see on your trip. Swap cards and then assign a point value to each item on another player’s card. Assign 10 points to 3 objects, 20 points to 3 objects, 50 points to 2 objects, and 100 points to 1 object! Then give each card back to the player who created it. Whoever gets the most points by the end of the trip wins! Depending on how long your trip is, you can create bigger bingo cards, and assign bonus points for getting an entire row (like classic bingo).


I hope this list inspires you to have extra fun on your road trips this summer! Happy travels everyone!


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