Our Pigs

My husband, Jon, has a wonderful sense of humour, and he always likes to think of quirky things to say to make people laugh. One time (back when we were just dating), as we were driving along in his car, he started stringing together bits of a conversation we just had, and turned it into a story about some pigs who hopped on a bus and took it for a drive - into outer space! 

He'd made up ridiculous stories many times before, but I knew this particular one would make a fabulous children's book, if only we could write it down! As soon as we arrived at my house, I ran inside to write down the story so I wouldn't forget, and I convinced him to finish it as well, as he hadn't yet! He even described to me how he imagined what the characters would look like.

A few months went by, and he mostly forgot about the silly pigs story - but not me! I was secretly illustrating it (over 30 illustrations for the original version!) so I could surprise him for his birthday. He was so happy when I gave it to him, and he shared it with all our friends, who also loved it - so then we decided to publish it so that people all over (both young and old!) could enjoy it as well.

"Pigs On A Bus" is now available on Amazon and Chapters/Indigo! We've also created a (rather old-school - sorry!) website where you can preview the first few pages. We hope you will check it out, and please tell your friends as well - the story is charming and hilarious, and we're sure you'll love it!

Illustrations from Pigs On A Bus

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